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Write up of Peter's performance by travel expert by Dr. Vincent DiNapoli

"Peter Mezoian backed by the One Night Stand Band was flawless and captivating..."
   -Ted Davis, National MS Society, Producer of 2010 Banjo Magic

"Your amazing banjo playing brought a new element to this event and wowed our audience. Guests were scrambling to give me what ever cash they had in their pockets so they could get a copy of your CD! You have a new fan base here in the Roaring Fork Valley !"
   -Tricia Pallatt, National MS Society, Colorado Chapter

"... You were the only performer on the entire cruise that was rewarded with a well deserved standing ovation."
   -Richard Steere, Fallbrook, Ca.

"Your performance was the best show of the entire cruise. And that's not just my opinion ... Many of the other cruise passengers expressed a similar opinion. Again, thank you for a fantastic performance ... I hope you will bring your playing to the public for many, many years to come. You are truly 'one of a kind'."
   -Carl Herzog, Punta Gorda, Fla.

"I've always thought of the banjo as a Dixieland thing, but in Peter's hands it became a versatile instrument, playing everything from classics to rock. His story of how he became a banjo-meister through family intervention is both skillful and interesting! I would say that I (and the people I was sitting with) were spellbound! Well presented and well played!"
   -Peter Doucet, Toronto, Canada

"...I wish to express how happy we were to have been present at your extraordinary performances ... It gave us great pleasure to have witnessed such a remarkable talent."
   -Caroline Papazian, Toronto, Canada


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